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Parachuting Friendship Day 2009

Tim Parkhurst - President/Founder

As a retired Marine Corps veteran of 25 years, Tim Parkhurst spent more time jumping out of perfectly good airplanes than flying in them. That's him in the picture above. After retiring from the Corps, Tim saw a real need to provide realistic airframe training platforms for various military units and other organizations. As a result, he founded PAI in January, 2014. 

Oftentimes, Servicemembers are tasked with conducting extremely high-risk evolutions, yet have little or no access to adequate ground training platforms. PAI started out working with legacy C-130's, but has branched out into military helicopters and other airframes. If your unit has a training need, we can find just the right platform for you!

PAI is also proud of our industry partners, some of whom have been providing unique maintenance and logistical solutions to warfighters for decades. In particular, White's Aircraft Salvage & Parts and Legacy Aerospace & Defense continue to play a key role in providing unique services to our men and women in uniform.

As you can imagine, the folks at PAI are very patriotic. Our founder surrounds himself with others who have a deep love of country like himself. As a military veteran and entrepreneur, Tim feels it's important to give back, and especially to care for his brothers-in-arms who, as Lincoln said, "have borne the battle, and for his widow". Please take a moment to click the links for the organizations below:

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More About What We Believe...

Parkhurst Aero Inc was built with hard work and by the grace of God. It's God we give thanks to for the opportunity to earn a living and to serve our clients. The leadership team at PAI would like to provide everyone the opportunity to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Please see the daily devotional below to know more about the God who made us.