Static Ground Trainers


For many military units, a properly configured fuselage in the backyard is more useful than a flying aircraft at a distant airfield. Access, crew time and, for some units, discretion are all hindrances to using live aircraft for ground-based training. PAI can configure trainers to meet a variety of training needs, from PAX Load-out Rehearsals and Pallet Loading Operations, to Airborne Sustainment Training and Confined-space Direct Action rehearsals. Trainers can be mounted on permanent stands and wired for interior lighting. All the egress points, including ramp and troop doors, can be made fully functional. PAI can ensure that seats and stanchions, jump caution lights, anchor line cable systems, static line retrieval systems and deck rollers are all functional as well.


While no longer in the flying inventory, these airframes are easily brought back to life as mock-up trainers for Airborne Sustainment Training. They make compact and affordable alternatives for simulating parachute operations from any aircraft with a ramp.

What are your training needs?

As former military ourselves, we understand your unique challenges and offer real solutions. We have access to a variety of airframes including legacy C-130, CH-46E, CH-53D, UH-60, and others. Let us know what your training goals are, and we can help locate, procure and set up your trainer.