PAI has participated in the following projects

Camp Lejeune, NC

Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) uses this C-130 and MV-22 Osprey for various types of training, including Airborne Sustainment and live rehearsals for students in the Marine Raider Individual Training Course. It enables them to conduct essential training without traveling over an hour each way to take up time with a live aircraft and crew when the plane will never leave the ground.

Ft. Hood, TX

This C-130 offers operational units at Ft. Hood the opportunity to train much more realistically in material handling and Airborne Sustainment.

Fort Bragg, NC

This C-130E found new life as a trainer for the Advanced Airborne School at Ft. Bragg, NC. It supports the schoolhouse as well as all the paratroopers of the XVIII Airborne Corps. The fuselage adds a great deal of realism to the training the troopers and Jumpmasters receive during Airborne Sustainment and various courses run by AAS.


Fort Benning, GA

Basic Airborne students have been trained at Ft. Benning since WWII. They will now be afforded greater opportunities to use a real aircraft fuselage for learning "Actions in the Aircraft".

Fort Campbell, KY

This C-130 affords the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment at Ft. Campbell with a unique training platform for various missions.

Camp Pendleton, CA (pending)

A unit on a budget was able to procure this CH-46E with minimal expenditure of operational funds. We can show you how!